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fronts, one, his prison sentence and his cancer sentence. it's really important that you zoo ignore that problem because they can carry west nile virus, and that can be very harmful. >> it's not the kind of slap happy we had in mind. how to get these mosquitoes from driving you inside. three people shot in the head and then the house burned. all three are dead. the shooting and the house fire happened on nicholas avenue in northeast baltimore near bel air road. kelly swoop joins us with more on what police said happened to the victims. >> police responded about 4:30 this morning before the fire was reported because of shots being heard. when they knocked on the door and checked, they didn't find anything. after an hour later when police put out a fire, they found the
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bodies of three people, a father, daughter and her boyfriend, all slot in the head prior to the fire. the daughter was found alive but later died at the hospital. >> frankly, it's enormously concerning. we're working through various pieces of physical evidence at the scene. we're talking to residents and nans. the good news is everyone is overwhelmingly cooperative. >> the names of the victims have not been released. police say both the daughter and her boyfriend have criminal records. investigators are looking through different motives. kelly swoope. back to you. new developments to tell you about in the shooting death of a man in patterson park by artesha holt. holt shot two men in the head after first demanding cash from the machine when they laughed at her. the shooting killed one of the
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men and injured the other. she will be sentenced on september 21st. a pasadena teenager is being charged as an adult in the apparent stabbing of his own father. police say that 17-year-old allen shank faces an attempted murder charge after an argument resulted in shank apparently going after his dad with a knife. anne arundel police said shank and his 50-year-old father got into some kind of an argument on edward drive. shank apparently grabbed the knife, stabbed his father several times. when police got there, they found shank's father outside the home. he is expected to survive. well, the state of bureau needs to lighten up. a judge let as man dodge returning to jail for another month. henry cole is battling stage four cancer and the remainder of a sentence for tax charges. a judge decided whether your tax dollars should be used to cut
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red tape. >> weighing less than 120 pounds as he walks out of federal court, it's obviously the aggressive cancer on henry cole has taken a toll on his body. but even at an image hering this seemed hard to agree on what should happen to him. he has 20 months left on a three-month sentence, but he is battling pancreatic cancer, so his family wants him home. >> he's done some of his time. god willing, let him have time with his family hoot bureau of prisons wants him back. a scan showed his cancer hit stage fowmplet prison doctors in kentucky would have to see a him in person to decide whether he could be sent free, but that would spend your tax dollars.
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the judge said it doesn't make sense money wise to send cole back to prison. he made a bold decision saying he will find an independent doctor who will evaluate coal for release. >> i think the judge is right on the money. >> reporter: that all thr naive means cole will get to spend another month at home getting treatment with his family by his side but the judge was clear. although a dlying plan needs compassion, he said a september hearing will be the last one in this case, either sending cole to prison or letting him live his last days at home. >> cole's next hearing is set for september 7th. a local doctor will evaluate him and a report will be sent to the bureau of prisons. the-a-agency said the -- the agency said the inmates have to be in their custody to be
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evaluated for release. look at this. we're in edgewater right now. one home was hit by lightning and fryer. they had to come up to this home. this was a storm that certainly surprised many in the area. >> i never heard nothing like this before. roaring thunder. you could area this, but this one was so sharp and penetrating could almost have your hairs stand on your arm. >> insurance inspectors are trying to determine how much that one bolt of lightning caused. dangerous thunderstorms, lightning and flooding, the two most dangerous things weather wise. take a look. blue skies, just the opposite. fantastic weather. that's our live view from the maryland science center. 93 the current temp. the humidity so much lower today, makes it so much more comfortable. it's a dry heat. just a few clouds as we climb to
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just 89, a descrai dplt eat -- a day in the 80s. we talk about the outlook for the weekend coming up. all new at 6:00, you're going to be hearing a lot about your property taxes. today candidate otis rolley made his plan public. he wants to cut taxes for everyone owning a home by 50%. he wants to raise taxes and fees on all those boarded up places around town and give a little tax break for those who spiff up their downtown offices. >> the pseudoplan release bead our current mayor. you heard of a reliance on a five-year-old blue ribbon commission. both of those plans failed to deal with the issue of tax burden which would lay tract or people into the city of baltimore and giver real relief to the people who are here.
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>> rolley believes the threat is the continuing loss of population. if you're looking to enjoy the taste of baltimore's fine restaurants write down the following dates, friday august the 5th, through sunday august the 14th, the annual restaurant week in charm city. they will have a fixed price. lunch will be 20.11 and dinner will be $35.11. if you want a list of all the restaurants taking part, go to our website at all right. the u.s. postal service said they are considering closing locations around the country. this is the list. two locations are at the towson town center? how about the one in pape pea. the other eight carroll, drew
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wide, waverly, franklin, hamilton, market center, wallbrook and clifton east, locations all in baltimore. the news come has week after the post master general talked about the possibility of shutting down saturday's deliveries and maybe cutting back service to just three day as week. oh, no. if you're traveling on north point boulevard, be ready for not only delays but a smoother ride. the state highway administration anownlsed it will start improving the pavement on route 151 between plier -- merit boulevard and cove road starting sunday night. most of the work will be done between 8:00 at night and 5:00 in the morning during the week. there could be some single lane closures. the project is scheduled to be finished by early this fall. we have a bat problem in aberdeen. we'll take you into the apartment complex where one guy
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actually says he scan actually hear the bats climbing the walls. this time of the year it can be almost impossible to enjoy your backyard if you've got mosquitoes. >> do you come out at night and have to go back in because the mosquitoes are out there? we'll find out how to minimize mouses. >> i think bats eat mosquitoes. i'm just saying. 94 degrees at the airport. the only forecast 91. no two-degree winner. we'll try again tomorrow. look at this. the dry air keeps moving in. but how long does that last? we've got the answer coming up.
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how many of us have driven into mcdonald's with our kids. we've been dog this forever and -- doing this forever and forever. it's going to make apple as standard item in kid's meals as part of a broader health push but parents won't have to risk the wrath of their children. they will still get their fries, but only half as much. the world's biggest franchise fast food restaurant -- >> it will include a nutrition announcement with it. so what we're trying to dos will is make children aware of the nutritional importance of their diet. >> i'm going to read the side of the bo. it has 20% fewer calories, 15% less sodium, 20% less saturated
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fat and it still comes with a toy. that's good. all right. not only is the hot weather and humid conditions making hard for us to get out and enjoy the summer, being in the backyard is tough this time of the year thanks to those pesky mosquitoes, but there is way you can minimize it so you don't ruin your outdoor fun. >> mosquitoes not only bug you but they can also carry health concerns. >> this time of the year it may be impossible to enjoy your backyard. it's important that you don't ignore that problem because they can carry west nile virus and that can be harmful. >> angie's list said there are simple things to do. first, get rid of standing water. mosquitoes breed in stag nat water. once a week empty it from kiddy pools, bird baths, old tires, anything withstanding water.
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make sure you're cleaning out your gutters. check your lawn and landscaping for standing water. >> keep your yard well trimmed. have the yard well trimmed. all of those things will minimize mosquito. >> check the doors for gas -- gaps. if the problem is too big for you to deal with, then you may have to crawl in a professional. but be careful that usually means the use of insecticides. so do your research into what kind of pesticides are they going to use for the project. are they going to be safe to have around your family, kids, pets. >> understand that the mosquito problem you are dealing with may not be yours to begin with. >> if your yard is barren of vegetation and your neighbor's is overgrown, kind of looks like
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a central american jungle, they're the ones that need the service. >> your neighbor's overgrown yard should be the reason you can enjoy the summer in your own backyard. >> blame it on the neighbor. now, listen, if you do want to hire a pest control company, make sure you request the chemical used will be safe around your children, pets and plants. even ask to see the label. make surety technician is certified and find out how often the company will come out to spray. is it a regular or one-time treatment. make sure all the details are clearly stated including company guarantees before you sign on the dotted line. all right. we're talking about aberdeen bats and not the ones that play at the field. the county health department is working with them to get the bats out. public health official susan kelly said they were first alerted two weeks ago after
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getting a call from a resident at cranberry run apartments. bats had roosted in some of the buildings and at the same time the perrywood apartments near 40 also reported bats. they were in the rafters. the county said it is getting information out to the residents on what to do now. we will be following up with the other residents in perrywood and for those people, once again, where it's determined appropriate, exposure to treatment. >> both complexes have responded to help remove the bats. kelly said cranberry run has already hired a wildlife removal exspemplet perrywood apartments is in the process of doing the same thing and they hope to release them into the wild.
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bats, man, got dragons on the tower cam, just canging animals on you. 93 at the airport. humidity down to 30%. so in the wake of those showers and storms that we had yesterday, the day before that, things have dried out. that sky shot i showed earlier, i didn't notice this. this is a golf cart driving through the heavy rain. look at the kids. they're in tow. we got a little water scheme going behind the dpfl cart. take a look, blue skies over annapolis. fantastic. no rain today. no rain, no flooding. no thunder or lightning. just crystal clear conditions. the boundary that came through last night really brought in the dry air. that makes things feel so much better, even with temperatures up above 90. we've got one or two renegade
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showers way up towards harrisburg, pennsylvania. none of that here. temperatures warm but very, very dry, so more comfortable. the loment is 27% -- humidity is 27% downtown. tomorrow another dry day. we'll hit the low 90s in the heart of the city. most will be in the 80s. i think the surrounding suburbs, upper 80s. tomorrow will be a bit cooler. there's that peppering of showers over pennsylvania. i don't think we'll see rain tonight but clear weather across the east. this is that next front. the first boundary pushed the humidity way south. that will hold for another day, day and a half. the cooler air will skirt previously into our state tomorrow. we'll catch the edge. that could mean where temperatures will struggle to get to 90. we've got beautiful dry
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conditions across the northeast and not upper midwest. so futurecaster showing a knew passing clouds tonight. we don't get the rain here. we get nice clear conditions and briefly cooler air on top of the drier air. thursday the heat and humidity begins to push back. that will spell the chance for storms. overnight 66, clear and dry, rather pleasant out there. you could open the windows tonight. 89 tomorrow, even mild are. the air will stay nice and dry. tomorrow night 68, clear skies, fairly cool neasmg -- again. the outlook for the next seven days not as enjoyable. we'll see temperatures shoot back up probably mid-90s thursday. you got to enjoy tonight and tomorrow. get the golf cart and get the rain. >> that's right. don't forget. we can catch anything you see about the weather right here on
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wmar abc2 weather app. it's in wyatt's hands. you can get the latest forecast by the hour or the seven-day forecast. you're pretty good with your thumbs. just head to our website you'll get information on how to download it. i'm kelly swoope. here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. you've probably seen the commercial. it's supposed to keep the kid's snacks off of your floor. but does this really work? we put it to the test. plus, last weekend our cameras showed you a community in the dark dealing with multiple power outages that last for hours at a time. now they may be getting answers. we'll have those stories plus wyatt's forecast. all right.
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get out. enjoy this night. look at this. this is beautiful here in baltimore. do something outside. we'll be right back.
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i told people to get outside. what are they doing? >> by the droves.
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temperatures are back in the 80s, so that's good. take a look downtown. >> there we go. they're out there. >> people are out walking and enjoying it. we're still close to 90 but the humidity is still low. maybe they're right in arizona. it's a dry heat. the dry heat is the way to go. the rest of the evening 80s. low humidity. get out and enjoy that. similar to tomorrow, my friend. >> very nice. >> that will do it for us. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. world news with diane sawyer is next.
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